“7 years later” is semi-featured in jpg magazine!

If you’re not familiar with JPG Magazine, it’s a photography magazine by the masses. Anyone can sign up on the website, upload pictures, and submit them for consideration in various themes that might appear in future issues of the magazine. Website viewers can vote on whether they think a particular image is good for the theme in question, but the ultimate decision rests in the hands of the magazine editors. You can subscribe to the magazine and get it in your mailbox or buy them in most bookstores. You can also download every issue from their website in pdf format. It’s very cool.

One of the themes of the most recent issue was Family. Since I’m a family guy, I submitted a picture I took of us on our 7th wedding anniversary this past summer, appropriately titled 7 years later:

7 years later

This image did not get selected for publication.

However, JPG Magazine just started producing outtakes: images that were cool enough to catch the editors’ attention but that, perhaps, didn’t quite fit the issue well enough. Or maybe they ran out of room for that theme. Or whatever.

The important point that I’m trying to make here, besides the fact that JPG Magazine is cool, is that my image above was included in the outtakes for the Family theme. You can get your own copy of the outtakes (I’m on p. 15 of the pdf) from JPG’s downloads page, along with pdf versions of whatever issues you’d like.


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