This spring I had the chance to shoot family portraits for some friends of ours from around town. He’s a big K-State fan, so, in order to convince him to show up for the portraits, his wife said they would do the shoot on the campus of his favorite team!

We met there on campus and had a great shoot, starting with a location that they had spotted.

at the gates

One of the locations I had scouted out previously was the old football stadium where they now hold a lot of intramural events. It’s always open and a very cool location to play with!

in the bleachers

kids first

I was super excited to see that one of the tunnels leading onto the field was open.


into the light 2

Their daughter was the cutest little bug–she followed me around everywhere, just unleashing her adorable eyes on me, especially once I broke out the bribes candy.

smiles for pez

In turn, I started following her around.

tread lightly

Thankfully, they were very open to some of my crazy ideas, especially because one of these turned out to be their favorite image from the session!

the one she loved

Thanks for such a fun session, you guys! You were a wonderful first family for me to shoot.