amy + jace – a wedding!

This past weekend I had the distinct pleasure of assisting Alan Honey as he shot Amy and Jace’s wedding out at a wonderful little country church. Even though Alan got the majority of the images, he turned me loose to go see what I could find along the way!

It was so much fun working with Amy and Jace–they are really two of the most fun people. They had arranged to see each other before the wedding, so we made Jace wait. I think he actually managed not to peek!


sitting pretty

first sight

Amy and Jace were so laid back as everything was made ready for the ceremony. They had time to stop and talk to all their family and friends that turned out to help make everything perfect.


Their little ring bearer, on the other hand, needed a whole lot of comfort and encouragement before he felt up to it.

performance jitters

The major players: Best Man, Bride, Groom, Matron of Honor

the main players

Finally, it was time.

lady in waiting

the ceremony

All of their friends and family threw wheat grains as they left the church. The sun was in the perfect position to just make those little grains glow!

glowing grains

just married

After they drove off, and everyone headed off to the reception, Alan and I sat down and took a breather. I was a bit confused–shouldn’t we be heading off to the reception? Alan said that he told the bride and groom to drive around the block, make out for 5 minutes, and then come back so we could shoot a few more portraits to take advantage of the amazing golden sunset light.

Boy, did we ever.

at the end of the day



At the reception: the first taste of sweetness as a new couple.

first taste of sweetness

returning the favor

As it turns out, it was also Amy’s sister’s birthday, so there was plenty to celebrate!

happy birthday sis!

Thanks a ton for letting me be a part of your (almost)* perfect day!

*The Wildcats lost to Iowa St, 20-31.


5 Responses to “amy + jace – a wedding!”

  1. B.G. Smith

    Wow…why didn’t you take up photography before Staci and I got married?!?!

  2. rik

    lauren–i think you would have had the job forever if you had wanted it. 😉

    bri–because i didn’t have kids before you got married. and thanks 🙂


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