jenny – maternity

This summer, while on vacation, I had the pleasure of meeting one of my sister’s friends, Jenny. At the time, she was about 35 weeks along in her first pregnancy and I had never shot a maternity session before, so I offered to shoot some images of her. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get our schedules to work so that both her and her husband, Rob, could be there, so we went ahead and did the session with just her (since a maternity session with just the husband doesn’t really have the same appeal).

She was a beautiful model to shoot and wonderfully open to my suggestions. Here are some of my favorite images from the session.

She was staying at her parents’ house at the time, and there was a super cool little spot in the dining room that we merrily took advantage of.

As we were shooting in her parents’ front yard, her sweet little sister came home.

My two most favorite images:

Thanks, Jenny! And Rob, I’m sorry we couldn’t quite meet up all three of us. I hope the little man arrived happy and healthy!


One Response to “jenny – maternity”

  1. Kyle

    love the second to last one! and I have to say before I read what you wrote and just saw the first picture of her face, I would’ve never guessed she was pregnant. she’s lucky she’s not showing anywhere but her tummy. I was actually surprised to see how far along she was once I scrolled down! Great work Rik!!!!


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