In the tradition of photographer Michael David Murphy and his blog, Unphotographable, I give you my own first installment.

This is a picture of my wife and I, me hunched over the bathtub, she kneeling beside it, holding onto the same Himalayan cat. We are both soaked and variously spattered in blue paint spots and blood from several scratches up and down our arms. The cat, beneath the firm restraints we have placed on him, looks very much like a drowned rat, except for the faint blue streaks in his fur that my wife is trying to wash off with a washcloth. There is a vaguely wild look in his eyes.

This is also a picture of the blue paint spots on the carpet, trailing away from the paint tray and roller on the floor of our son’s room. The paint is randomly striped and splattered on various objects that the trail of carpet spots encounters on its way out of the room: the bed leg, a never finished Jackson Pollack work in blue; the train table, blue stripes on natural pine veneer. All of these spots abandoned by the two who are wrestling with the cat in the bathtub.

It is unclear who is winning the fight.