This may be embarrassingly late in being posted, but I just had to post some images from the awesome session I had with Becky. Back in the fall, Becky and I got together for a fun, early morning (7 a.m.!) shoot around downtown Wamego. I was excited that she was so willing to try out all sorts of fun locations that I had scouted out.

Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot:

We found some very cool concrete pipes all stacked up that made for a fun background.

She loved both of these, and I just loved what the funky processing did with her eyes:

(More after the jump)

Her shadow here was a total bonus:

We also hopped over to the Wamego Municipal Light and Water building to use their lovely grass and awesome bright blue doors!

This one was a bit of an outtake, but it felt creepy enough for me to like it anyways!

Finally, we found a super cool old truck to play around with!

Thanks, Becky…you rock! Good luck with your last year and in all your future plans.


2 Responses to “becky”

  1. Lauren

    Those look awesome! What a ton of great locations. And I love the processing.

  2. sindi

    Good to see you are still shooting.. these shots are great.. love the concrete pipes..


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