exciting news

Can you see that little photo credit there? Yeah, that’s my name. I was so excited this week to receive a copy of The Sailor’s Book of the Weather, by Simon Keeling, and finally see one of my pictures in something that I didn’t pay to print.

It’s a fun feeling.

The publisher was searching flickr for a picture illustrating centrifugal force when she found mine and liked it enough to ask if she could use it. A pleasant side effect of having my pictures online.

In case you can’t see it, here’s the original picture they used in the publication:

I shot this in November, 2006 with our old 3.1 MP point-and-shoot digital camera, so I’m not too sure about the settings, but here’s what the camera recorded on the picture:

ISO 100, 1/14s, f3.7, 10.9mm

The slow shutter speed (1/14s) is what’s producing the motion blur over most of the picture. The reason that the hand and bar are in (reasonable) focus is because I was panning, moving my camera from side to side, as I took the picture. It’s a really fun technique that you can use with any moving object with sometimes very surprising results.


2 Responses to “exciting news”

  1. stevendraper

    Hi Rik,
    Well done, always exciting to have something used in a publication. Glad that they asked you if they could use it and gave credit next to the picture! You just never know who’s looking at your images. Any payment?????


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