smiley little s

I can now officially announce that I have finally checked the last portrait session off my to-do list. I’m all caught up in that department…yay! Now I just have four or five weddings to get up here on the blog* and I’ll be a happy man.

Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of having one of my maternity clients come back with an adorable little bundle of joy ready for his own portraits. We were only able to squeeze in a little time together, but boy, was he cooperative.

He and his mom weren’t able to make it out during his first 10 days (really, the ideal time for newborn portraits), so instead, we did more of a 6-week portrait session. I was so amazed that, at 6 weeks, this little guy was already smiling! He really beamed a couple of them for me.

His mom brought along a teddy bear that his sister had held during some of her own baby portraits.

Just a few days after our session, my family was invited to attend his blessing at church and a lunch afterwards. Naturally, I brought my camera and managed to pick up a few more images for the family. Here’s little S with his grandpa.

I had such a hard time with these last two, trying to decide whether I liked it better in black and white or in color. In the end, I couldn’t decide, so you get both!

Keep smiling, little guy! I look forward to watching you grow. =]

*As a second shooter, all I need to do is edit out all the really bad shots and give the good ones to my boss, and that just takes me an hour or two and I’m done. Once I hand over the DVD, I don’t have to worry about processing the images for clients at all, so the pictures sit on my hard drive for weeks at a time. Don’t worry though, they’ll be up here soon!


2 Responses to “smiley little s”

  1. Kim Rodela

    Ok, I am amazed by these pictures. Wish you were here to take my little one’s pics!

  2. rik

    kim, you know, i’m only a plane ticket away 😉

    but seriously, i would love to shoot sweet little addi any time! i’ll definitely get in touch the next time we head out that way.


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