Okay, so this one was really a long time in the making. Back in Aprilyes, AprilI assisted Alan Honey on my second wedding. Before we got there, Alan told me that Ben and Emily were two of the nicest people I’d ever meet, and he was right. It turned out that I had already met them when they came into Alan’s studio for their engagement session, though it took us all a while to figure that out!

One of the many great things about Ben and Emily’s wedding was that it was in Wamego! Probably the only time in my life I’ll be able to walk to work. =]

Here are some of my favorite images from before the ceremony. Ben was such a nervous ball of energy waiting to see his future wife. He simply could not wait one more second to see her. The longing was evident and moving. This is Emily’s reaction as Ben opened his eyes:

Just before the ceremony, we stole Ben and Emily away and did some more relaxed portraits outside the church.

I just adore the love you can see between them in this totally candid moment:

The reception was held at the historic Columbian Theater, across the street from the church. The couple had asked to do a picture of the whole wedding party as they were crossing the street, all holding hands. Alan took it a step further:

And I just had to include this one detail shot from the reception:

Stay tuned for more incredibly delayed wedding posts, as well as the most recent weddings and a couple of family sessions I’m super excited about!