A few weeks back I had the pleasure of running out to Derek’s house to do some work for him and his family. They live in a beautifully isolated part of the country that is just close enough to town for convenience sake, and just far enough to be, well far away. They have some gorgeous land surrounding their house and we had a good time looking around to see what we could use.

I had a couple of objectives to take care of while I was there: first, one of their beloved canines is advancing in years and they wanted to make sure they had a family portrait with him before he moved on; second, Derek’s a Senior and rapidly approaching that time when he needs his Senior portraits done.

We took care of the family shots first, but you’ll have to wait a bit for those. =] For the time being, take a look at a couple of my favorites from Derek’s session.

Told you he lived out away from everyone!


Believe it or not, we had him up in a tree for this one!


Derek and his dad have been working on this old truck for a while, so it means something special to him. Can we use it in his portraits? Of course!


Thanks for letting me come hang with you and your family, Derek! And I must say a big “Thanks!” to Derek’s dad–he was an invaluable assistant during the session, holding a reflector (for the tree shot, among others) and being my Voice-Activated Lightstand (in the truck shot). You did awesome!


2 Responses to “derek”

  1. Sarah Saueressig

    Thank you for this. What a wonderful thing it is to see your children grow up and to have their progress captured in pictures.

    These pictures turned out wonderfully and we can’t thank you enough. It’s going to be hard to choose just a few.

    Much thanks,


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