christmas portraits

My family are not usually the greatest models. My kids love to make silly faces or run away whenever they see the camera come out. They have very little patience for any direction, and lose interest in about 3.7 seconds. My wife usually flashes me a smile that lovingly indicates that she will tolerate my antics for just a very little while longer.

In short, my pictures of my family rarely turn out great. I think other photographers know what I mean.

All of that, however, changes when I get them into the studio.

Alan Honey, a wedding photographer in Manhattan that I second shoot for, recently let me use his studio to shoot some Christmas portraits of my family. Amazingly, the kids loved it. My wife, 6 months pregnant as she was, even enjoyed it.

I couldn’t share these until now because we gave a bunch of the prints as presents to grandma’s and grandpa’s this year, and we just didn’t want to spoil the surprise. But now, here they are.

We started with the kids in their Christmas outfits that Grandma sent.




Then we had a quick wardrobe and set change.



This is the one we used for our Christmas cards this year:


One more outfit swap and we even threw Mom into the mix as well, mostly because my mother-in-law threatened bodily harm if I didn’t I love my mother-in-law and think she should have lovely portraits of her daughter.



All told, we were in the studio for about an hour and a half without a single complaint from anyone! I’m super happy with these, too; they’ll be treasured images for me and our family for a long time.


8 Responses to “christmas portraits”

  1. Brandon Dove

    Rik, your photography is beautiful. The color balance is amazing, and your kids…*sigh* Well done, you. Love the pic with your son behind the chair and your daughter in the chair.

  2. Julie

    Wow, I’m amazed with your blog. I had no idea you were a photographer when you lived here in So. Cal. Congratulations on the new baby! Michele looks fabulous.

  3. Steve

    Very cool! The backdrop/props were just right for the clothing colors! I think I saw your daughters shoes in a snow pic too – the browns and reds are great on both kids. I especially like the two individual shots — they look like little mini-CEO’s. Hyrum in the jacket and tie – that one’s pricelss.


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