We recently were given a portable dishwasher as a baby shower present for my wife (thanks, Leon!). Dishwashers, because of their size, come in rather large boxes. If you’ve ever been a kid, you will probably remember the joy that comes from having a rather large box at your disposal.

Keeping that joy in mind, just think how you would feel if your mom then broke out all her paints and helped you cut it up and paint it like a house.

And, as if that couldn’t get any better, imagine how you would then feel when the box ripped open at one end so you could lay it down and pretend it was a space shuttle with a perfectly placed front window.

Yeah…that’s how my kids have been feeling for the last couple of days.



This last one I spent a bit of time on in Photoshop. If you click it, you can see it a bit bigger on my photoblog.

Here’s the Space Commander, at the helm:

houston, we're go for launch

The top image was shot with a new umbrella I just bought: shoot-through 45″ white satin. I’ve been having lots of fun with that. The last two were shot with the same flash as the top (Vivitar 285HV), except that I shot it through my reflector frame, which has a translucent white material through the middle.