chase + tara: engaged!

A couple weeks ago, I had the extreme pleasure of getting together with two very cool young people getting ready to tie the knot next month! I have known Chase’s family since about the time we moved here over 2 years ago, and on that Saturday, I was also lucky enough to meet the lovely lady that captured Chase’s heart, Tara.

We met on the Kansas State campus and hit a spot I’ve shot at a couple of times and then set off to find some new and very cool spots. And boy, did we ever find some!

I have the feeling this could be a bit longer than what I normally post…I’m just too excited about these. =]



and Tara


Just can’t get enough of these stairs…or that sunlight!


I wish I could take credit for this next moment, but it was all them. Every tenderness you see is all theirs. I stepped away to change a lens, told them to just hang out for a moment, and this was what I got: a perfect moment.


From here, we ventured off onto the campus more. We hit up one spot that I just love. Every time I saw it, I would think to myself how I would love to shoot someone there, and Chase and Tara worked it for me!






My absolute favoritest ones of the day:



Chase and Tara, I wish you every happiness in the world for your nuptials next month. Thanks for an incredible time!


5 Responses to “chase + tara: engaged!”

  1. Steve

    very cool – nice style; yours and theirs both – love the locations and especially those two textured shots!


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