I am guilty of bribery.

That’s right, folks. You heard it first here! I, Rik Andes, bribed my daughter in an effort to convince her not to do an optional science fair project for her school. She was quite reluctant, even though we pointed out that we only had two more days to do it in and very little time to enjoy it in. Eventually, we had to promise to take her to see the science fair at her school and then take her to the science discovery center at Union Station in Kansas City. When I said that, even her little brother was pushing her to cave.

We went out there at the end of last month and had a great time seeing all the exhibits and trying everything out. That’s really the best part of the center–you can play with everything. And it’s not just for kids, either. I was frequently the last one trying out the different stations when my family wanted to move on, and I saw several couples there on dates, too.

Of course, I brought my camera along and had some fun while we were having some fun.

Where it all began.


The price of admission also gets you a show at the planetarium. We saw a laser show of Peter and the Wolf.


One of the exhibits


Digging for dinosaur bones. With protective gear, of course. (Click for slightly bigger enjoyment)


After doing the rounds at the science center, we started the trek over to the Crown Center for dinner, which took us straight through Union Station.

I have only two words and one picture: Gor. Geous.


We ate at Fritz’s, one of our favorite stops in Kansas City. The food is greasy and bad, but it’s delivered via an automated train system that runs on tracks up near the ceiling. When your food is ready, the train brings it and it’s l0wered by an elevator to your table. Kids, as you can imagine, love this place.


On our way back to our car at the Union Station garage.


Definitely a fun little day trip.