an announcement and a contest!

So I’m going to be doing a show in a local gallery, and the gallery owner said I could display 15 images. Since I’m relatively unknown here in the area, it’s a great opportunity to showcase some of my personal work, but also to display the work I’ve done for some of my clients. I’ve tried and tried to select those 15 perfect images, and I’m just not getting there all by myself. I posted the images to my facebook page and petitioned help there and on twitter, and I’ve loved the response! So, I decided to open this up and make it even more fun.

I’m holding a contest! ***UPDATE*** the contest voting is closed!

I’m going to leave the voting open until Wednesday evening, March 4th, at 5 pm (Central time). At that time, I’ll count up the votes and choose my 15 images. The client whose gallery image receives the most votes will get to keep the gallery print when the display comes down! That’s right, baby: a free print! Depending on how big I print them, that could be worth something!

So, what can you do? Drum up the votes! Tell your friends, tell your co-workers, tell your family! Send them a link to the blog post and tell them to come vote! They can vote on up to 15 images to help me whittle them down.

Voting is easy: you can

  • leave a comment on facebook on the pictures you want to vote for (if you’re my facebook friend),
  • send me a facebook message (even those who aren’t my friend can do that, as long as you have an account) with the image numbers you’re voting for,
  • send me an email (rikandesphoto at gmail dot com) with the image numbers you’re voting for,
  • dm or @reply me on twitter ( with the image numbers you’re voting for,
  • leave a comment on this post right here with the image numbers you’re voting for,
  • click on the images below you want to vote for and leave a comment there,
  • find me and tell me the numbers in person–just make sure I write them down!

Here’s the link to my facebook album:

Or the link to this post:

Good luck, and stay tuned for a separate announcement regarding the show dates and location of the gallery!

The fine print: I withhold the right to make the final judgment over which images get into the gallery showing. The client image *in the gallery* with the most votes will get the print.


11 Responses to “an announcement and a contest!”

  1. Melissa

    So….what happens if the poker pic gets the most votes? That’s definately in my top few. 🙂 You’ve got so many good ones that I had a hard time figuring out my favorites. Good luck! How long will your gallery showing be? Since I’ll be in N. Ireland from the 11-20th I might miss it. I can’t make it on the 9th or 10th.

    P.S.- If you don’t mind I might have to use your contest ideas for my new website! It should be up and running later this month.

    • rik

      i’ll give away the client image that gets the most votes _and_ that I choose for the gallery. so, even if most people vote for the poker (*ahem* it’s UNO) image, I’ll still look for which of the client images gets the most nods and give that one away.

      And the gallery will run for 6 weeks, I believe, so you should be fine. Have fun on your trip, and I’m looking forward to your site! As for the contest idea…do you think I came up with that on MY own? 😉

  2. Kyle

    Rik, wasn’t it you that had that amazing photo of the kids jumping on the bed with you and your wife in the foreground?

    • rik

      hehe, yes, that’s one of mine. taken on our 7th anniversary on a trip to kansas city. i’m looking at it on my office wall right now. =]

  3. liz Lyum

    Hey rick these pics are so great.. I am always trying to take good photos of families and I think you have definitely taken so many great ones.

    Here are my votes…. 1,2,5,13,14,15,19,21,22,23,24,25,26,32,33.

    Good luck.


  4. Stacie Eichem

    Rik–great pictures
    I pick these 15….7,8,10,11,12,13,15,19,21,22,27,29,31,33,34
    Stacie Eichem

  5. Daniel Wyatt

    Hey Rik, they’re all so good, but I especially like 2, 11, and 23. Good luck.


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