When I went to install my show at the local gallery (which I mentioned before and will give more details about soon), I took a moment to check out the other artists’ work. One particular photographer, Ali Mocabee, caught my eye, so I went to her website and browsed around for a bit. I saw a link on her blog that said to add her in facebook, so I did.

A few days later, after we had had the baby, I got an email from her asking if she could come play with our baby. She was wanting to try out some natural lighting techniques she had learned but that couldn’t really be practiced without a model (i.e., a fresh, sleepy baby). We had the baby and love pictures, so we said yes!

She came over yesterday and brought a really fun bag of toys that we got to break out and play with for a couple of hours. Cate was a great model and slept almost the whole time. Except for when she pooped in my hand (don’t worry…I caught it all. Nothing got on the floor). Ali and I both shot a ton and I’m really happy with both what I got in the camera and with the whole experience and practice.

Michelle wouldn’t let me go to sleep tonight until I edited at least a couple of her favorites, so here you go!

Ali brought this AWESOME pink petticoat that we bunched up and used as a cushion for Cate. I love this series.



This last one was so yummy, I had to serve it up in two flavors!



If this just whets your appetite, don’t worry! There are plenty more to come!


3 Responses to “collaboration”

  1. Ashlee

    Oh my!!! Love, love, love these shots! What a sweet baby girl. We are thrilled for you guys.

  2. Steve

    what a fine “standard catastrophe” đŸ™‚

    I know it’s totally inapporpriate, but it’s too funny not to note the fact that you caught some cleavage in those bottom two shots — too too funny. I often look at a photo and feel I can see exactly what the person will look like in 50 years.


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