a long awaited preview

About a month ago, my daughter’s kindergarten teacher from a year or so back got in touch with me. She and her family had moved back out to Western Kansas during the summer after she taught our daughter, but she and her kids were coming back out our way to visit some friends. While she was out visiting, she asked, would she be able to schedule some time for me to make some portraits of her kids? You betcha!

We got together at the park and had a good time playing around and hanging out. She brought her adorable kids and some fun toys, I brought my whole family and some yummy treats to share, and we had a blast!

Stacy, here’s a little sneak peek of what’s been going on behind the scenes as you’ve been waiting to receive your proofs. Hope it helps make the waiting just a little more bearable. 😉

First, the lovely Ainsley:



Her ball-of-energy little brother, Brogan:



As you might have noticed, the treats I brought were big, colorful, and sticky, which just added to all the fun we were having. The kids, however, didn’t seem to mind, as long as the other one kept their sticky, thieving hands to themselves, thank you very much! =]


And one of my very favorites so far, a little attempt at sisterly love:


Stacy, thanks so much for coming and hanging out with us at the park! Don’t worry…the rest of the proofs are on their way soon!


One Response to “a long awaited preview”

  1. Stacy Wolf

    I LOVE THESE!!! I am so looking forward to the rest of the pics. I’m amazed at how well the kids & YOU did that evening. I think I picked the hottest, most humid day of the year to take pics. The kids didn’t seem to mind though, and they really loved their EXTRA LARGE treats from you. Brogan especially liked his after he had it broken into a zillion pieces & sprinkled it with dirt and grass (typical boy for you!!)

    Thanks again, and we will definately have to do it again in the near future! If you are ever headed through our neck of the woods let us know, we would love to do pics out here!!



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