a complete surprise

Occasionally, in the life of every photographer (I hope), there’s one of those sessions, the ones where nothing seems to go right. I had one of those. The parents had driven a good distance to come out and shoot at Wamego’s City Park with their daughter and 16-month twins. Things went kind of rough.  There were tears, temper tantrums, wanderlust…it felt a lot like this:


As I sat d0wn to edit the images, I expected to not have very much to work with, but was completely surprised. Apparently, I wasn’t paying attention to the rest of the session. You know, the part that ROCKED!




Turns out, it was kind of hard to choose what to edit!



Yes, the girls had dolls that matched their dresses. Adorable!


Where’s the baby? Peek-a…wait for it!



Thanks so much for coming all the way out here, guys! Hope you had fun at the carnival afterwards!


4 Responses to “a complete surprise”

  1. lanne

    Well done for sticking with it. As someone who works with lil ones more than anyone else the secret is change. Enough to buy an ice cream.;) NO ONE is grumpy or moving when ice cream is on offer LOL.

  2. Gwen

    Great job on these, Rik! I was working with little ones last night too, so I feel your emotions – the “this is hard!” emotions! LOL

  3. Ilan

    Nothing from what you mentioned first can be seen in this set 🙂
    Absolutely amazing and adorable set
    Glad to find your blog and meet you on Twitter 🙂

  4. Tina Harden

    Rik – I love the Peek a Boo shot. To cute. Way to work through the little challenges. 🙂


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