*hack, hack* *ahem*

Pardon my cough. All the dust all over this poor blog really aggravates my lungs!

My goodness it’s been forever since I updated this thing! To get myself gently back into the habit, I thought I’d throw up a quick post.

Not too long ago, a good friend contacted me and let me know that he was being invited to speak at a conference. This was good news for him, but he wasn’t just calling to tell me his good news. Once he got the invite, the conference organizers let him know that he’d need a headshot to put in the program and on the organization’s website.

That’s when the panic set in. And that’s when he called me.

We figured we’d be able to run over to his school after hours (he teaches at the local middle school) and set up a simple headshot there in his room. However, when we actually got together to shoot, our schedules were a bit cramped and hectic, so we decided that we’d just shoot it in my dining room.

That’s right–in my dining room.

I threw up some seamless black paper over a doorway and set up my big light (a Norman head) with a shoot-through umbrella. We found something to hold up a white reflector to fill in the shadows, and put up a little speedlight with a CTO gel on it to color the background.

The result?

headshot color

And in black and white, just in case.

headshot bw

His wife told me later (with a wink) that she never knew that she had married such a handsome man!

So there you go: a quick headshot in my dining room. Good luck on your presentation, Curtis!