ingrid – wamego high senior

I had an incredible time recently working with Ingrid, a wonderful young woman attending Wamego High School. She’s not from around here, or anywhere near here, actually. You see, she’s here for a year from a small town in Norway whose name I can’t even pronounce. 🙂

Ingrid, her host mom, and I had a great time out in Manhattan at City Park, finding some great spots around the new pavilion they just finished, making use of what little autumn foliage was still left. After playing around there, we drove off to find a patch of tall grass out in the sun and then finished up at under the highway bridge by the river.

We had such an amazing time I had a really hard time narrowing down her selection! Here are just a few of the images from her session:

One of my favorites, out behind the pavilion, by the massive air conditioning and heating units they have out back:

Check her out, straight killing it!

Ingrid might have been a little nervous when we got started, but before long, she was working it like a freaking model!


I recently heard that some magazine somewhere did a study and concluded that the most beautiful people in the world lived in Norway. While I can’t vouch for the validity of the study, I can say that Ingrid represents her country well. She’s smart, happy, beautiful, and ready to face the world. Unfortunately, under the Norwegian school system, Ingrid will have one more year of school when she gets back, so Ingrid, enjoy being a senior twice!

All the best to you, Ingrid, and good luck in what schooling you have left!


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