jess + mike

It seems like forever ago, but I guess it was only back in November when Jess and Mike came down to Manhattan from where they’re living in Lincoln so we could make their engagement portraits.

I’ll be honest–I was nervous as the date drew closer. Here in Kansas, outdoor photo sessions in early November don’t typically have the benefit of a pleasant climate. However, as Saturday afternoon arrived, so did an incredibly nice warm front. In short, it was a gorgeous day to hang out with two gorgeous people in love.

Jess and Mike had no particular ties to Manhattan–Jess is from Wamego–so they trusted me to choose a location for our shoot. That kind of trust is one of the best things to give a photographer. =]

We went to a building in Southern Manhattan that I had been eying for a while. The grass was green, and yet the leaves were yellow and falling around the lawn. But, I imagine you didn’t come here for a description of the landscaping, right? Ok…here are the images.

Jess (it’s her birthday tomorrow, the 26th–leave her some happy birthday love!):


There’s a huge tree in front of this building that had dropped a ton of leaves on the ground. As soon as I saw them, I knew I wanted to get a particular shot. But, to get the shot, I’d need to be up off the ground. High.

It’s a good thing I climbed a lot of trees as a kid. 😉

Here’s the shot.

Oh, and this one too.

They were having a good time down there, so I decided to get down there with them.

Well…not with them. Just on the ground. At the same time.

You know what I mean.

Like this:

Okay…I’ll just be quiet now.

And my personal favorite of the afternoon:

Jess and Mike, I had a blast shooting with you, and I just can’t wait until June for your wedding here in Wamego!


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