jeff, ashlee, and skylar 2.0

One August, about two and a half years ago, some friends from church came and asked me to do a family session for them. Jeff was deploying to Iraq and they wanted to get some family portraits made before he left. We went to Anneberg Park here in Manhattan and had a nice little session by the lake.

Fast forward to Spring Break and Jeff is deploying again. So once again, I had the extreme pleasure of working with this adorable family (and can I just say how fun it is to see families multiple times over their lives together? It is so fun to see all the changes and catch up again). Time was of the essence because of Jeff’s deployment, so we couldn’t really be that choosy about our available session time, so we went with the one day that worked for everyone, which meant that, of course, it was cold, windy, and raining on and off. Instead of heading to the park, we decided we needed somewhere a little more protected from the elements. So, naturally, we met at KSU’s parking garage.

Yep, the parking garage. And it was awesome.

Everyone, Ashlee. Ashlee, everyone.

Skylar did a great job as my assistant. It was her task to make sure her parents kept smiling, and she had the perfect magic word for the job…”stinky feet!”

Skylar loves her daddy. Daddy loves his Skylar.

After fully exploring the garage, we decided to head over to the Beach Art Museum. They were only going to be open for 15 more minutes, so we didn’t mess around.

Okay, okay…we did mess around. 😉

Jeff, thank you for your service. And for the great time I had with you guys. See you when you get back.


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