kelli and jay – manhattan photographer

I love my job. I get to meet all kinds of incredible people that let me into their lives for a time. There are so many different kinds of beautiful relationships that I get to share, so much love and passion that I get to witness, and so many people in love that I get to work with to create portraits for them to treasure.

Recently, I got to meet Kelli and Jay. They got married a couple of years ago, but at the time, didn’t get any engagement pictures taken. Luckily for me, they came to me to help them create some portraits of the two of them together along with their little girl.

We got together at Anneberg Park in Manhattan, KS, during spring break on a slightly chilly and fairly breezy afternoon. First, we started with Jay in uniform.

kelli and jay

jay in uniform

Kelli had brought along something that she wanted to use in her portraits, which is such a great idea! Who knows a couple better than themselves?

kelli and jay with american flag

After getting a few of them together in uniform, they changed and we set off to a few different parts of the park. They also got their little girl out of the car for a couple of pictures. No worries–their little girl was fine waiting in the car. 😉

Everyone, meet Ada.

kelli, jay, and ada

kelli and jay walking ada

ada playing frisbee

kelli and jay with ada

While Jay took Ada back to the car, Kelli and I took advantage of the time to create a few quick portraits of her.

kelli in color

kelli in black and white

kelli in color 2

When Jay returned, we got back to making magic happen. =]

jay holding kelli

kelli and jay

kelli and jay, opposite views

My absolute favorite of the session. Maybe of the year so far.

kelli and jay warm laughing together

I’ve always thought the playhouses in the playground would make for a good session location–so much color!

kelli and jay in the green doorway

kelli and the green house

Finally, Kelli and Jay had gotten a matching set of necklaces to wear while Jay is away, and they wanted to incorporate them somehow in the shoot. Ok…done!

kelli and jay and their necklaces

Jay, thank you for your service. We wish you all the best over there and a safe return! Godspeed!

jay without the hat


4 Responses to “kelli and jay – manhattan photographer”

  1. rik

    Thanks, Kim! It was a lot of fun tying them together like that. 😉 They didn’t really complain, though, and I am really happy with how it turned out, as you can imagine. =]

  2. Gwen

    I agree, love that second to the last one with the necklaces. They are all great though – wouldn’t expect anything less from you, Rik!


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