So, I really thought I wouldn’t get to see fireworks this past July 4th. I was traveling and it just seemed like I would be in exactly the wrong places at the wrong times. As it turns out, I had the dates for the fireworks shows in Utah wrong, so I was there and we went! My family and I went to Thanksgiving Point to watch their show and got up about as close as they would let us get. Then we backed up just a little until we were sheltered from the wind, which was really moving up there–I was surprised how cold it can get up in the mountains in July. I actually had to put on a sweater! Weird.

Anyways, I was able to borrow a tripod from my aunt and uncle and set up shop right next to where we put out our chairs. We wandered the gardens for a few minutes until it got dark, waiting for the show to start.

When it started, I started shooting, using the focus-shifting technique I described here. A very short 10 minutes later, and they were done. Finished. My wife and I were so disappointed after having been to Wamego’s fireworks shows for the last 3 years. We assumed that if our tiny town of 4200 people can consistently put on a rockin’ 30 minutes of fireworks every year, so can anyone.

We were mistaken.

Anyways, I bet you didn’t come here to listen to me ramble–you came for pictures. Here they are: despite the very short show, I still came away with some images I’m very happy with. Enjoy, and let me know what you think below. Did you shoot any of your own fireworks? Leave a comment with a link below–I’d love to see them!

This next one really reminds me of a sunflower. The kind with neon sparkly seeds in the center.

Does anyone else think this next one looks like an alien abduction, or is it just me?

There you go. Ten minutes of fireworks, six shots to show–not a bad deal. =]