charlie – manhattan, ks child photographer

One of the greatest thing about photography is getting the chance to work with a family on several occasions over the course of time. Last year, I shot the wedding of a great couple at the KSU Botanical Gardens and clicked with the bride’s family. Later that year, I got to work with the whole family again when they wanted to create some family portraits on the campus of their favorite university: Kansas State. Last month, I got to work with the bride’s sister and her family to capture their little boy, Charlie, as he neared his second birthday. Once again, we met on the KSU campus, but in a part of campus I had never used before for portraits. I love that there are endless locations for portraits on campus!

Charlie is as precocious as any adorable two-year-old boy, but just before we met for our session, he had been sick for a couple of days and had had to stay inside. I think this was his first day of really feeling better and getting outside. You know how much energy every two-year old typically has? You know what happens when they have to save 3 days’ worth of it while hanging out inside sick?

The photographer gets to run a lot, too. It’s okay–it’s all a game, right?

Like peek-a-boo.

Or hide-and-seek.

Ok, Charlie, enough games. Come on out and meet everyone!

Everyone, Charlie. Charlie, everyone.

More of the handsome little guy (and his monkey!) after the jump.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Everyone, meet Charlie’s monkey.

Charlie loves to take his monkey everywhere.

Of course, there are always more interesting things to explore in the world than monkeys.

Like lights.

Or flowers.

Or climbing up on bridges.

As his parents were changing him out of his first outfit, Charlie decided to lie down in the grass. He then decided that he thought the grass was really tickly on his skin.

And even after he got his new shirt on, he decided he still wanted to roll around on the grass some more.

What little guy doesn’t like levitating with his dad?

I just love the wonder in a young child’s eyes as they discover something that’s perfectly normal for us but completely new for them, especially when that thing is the roof of a building. Or a downspout. Or something. But can you see it, way up there? How cool is that?!

That’s odd…my bribe candy doesn’t usually make two-year olds contemplative and pensive. Weird.

Catch ya later, Charlie! Thanks for hanging out with me and showing me exactly how fast and how long you can run! My heart thanks you for it. =]


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