my own – manhattan, ks child photographer

It’s not very often that I go to a wedding as a guest. Being in this business, the odds are just against me. So this past weekend, I found myself in a rather rare position: I was at a wedding, I didn’t have to work it, I had my camera, and my oldest daughter was the flower girl. That last one meant that she was all dressed up and at the wedding venue (the Holiday Inn in Manhattan, KS) early.

While we were waiting for the wedding photographer to finish doing the bride and groom portraits, I asked her if she wouldn’t mind me making a few portraits of her. Amazingly, she agreed! I was so happy that she was willing, because the Holiday Inn has some amazing light and great locations. I’ve shot some wedding receptions there before and have never been disappointed.

We spent all of 13 minutes, and I made less than 70 frames, but am so happy with the results. I don’t normally share personal images on here, but since these were not your run-of-the-mill family snapshots, I figured it was okay. So, if you’ll indulge me, my daughter:

My very favorite ones of her from this mini-session (plus my other two kiddos), after the break.

My wife brought our younger two kids later, but she arrived early enough for me to make a few frames of them as well. I spent a total of 90 seconds with our son and 2 minutes with our toddler.

I gave this little girl a square on the floor to stand on, and she actually just stood there!


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