ashley + ben | married! – manhattan, ks wedding photographer

For most people I know, New Year’s Day means sleeping in, lazily watching the Rose Parade, and getting new year’s resolutions started. However, for Ashley and Ben, it meant an early rise and the start of their new life together.

We started out early, me and the ladies, hanging out at the Manhattan, Kansas, Holiday Inn’s Bridal Suite, getting everyone’s hair and makeup done. While waiting for her turn, Ashley wrote a note to accompany a gift for Ben.

And got a little present from him in return: the ticket from their first date. Yeah, he’s kind of sentimental like that. And Ashley loves it.

While Ashley was waiting for her turn, I grabbed a few frames of some of the important details:

Reception shoes:

Ashley’s turn!

One of Ashley’s precious flower girls, watching everyone swirl around her.

Ben had to get ready, too. Though, admittedly, it was a much simpler process.

There. Done. Back to Ashley.

Ashley, real quick, before you get your veil on…look over here.

Awesome. Thanks.

Personal aside: Since I began photographing weddings, I have become ever so much more appreciative of what my wife goes through when she dresses up. Love you, babe. Back to the show…after the jump.

The finished product:

I absolutely love photographing weddings at the Holiday Inn. There is such amazing light in the lobby there. Of course, we had to make some portraits there before we left (which made me all the more excited to go back there for a friend’s wedding, knowing how cool it would be to make some portraits of my own kiddos while they were all dressed up)

After their first look and some portraits at the hotel, we took a quick trip across the street to the campus of Kansas State University to make use of their buildings (and warmth!) and make some more portraits.

A big thank you to Kathryn Mayes, of Everyday You, for making the trip out to assist me, for this getting these next 2 images:

Next, we went over to the All Faiths Chapel there on campus at K-State to get ready for the ceremony.

While I was photographing the groomsmen with Ben, Kathryn pulled Ashley aside and did this:

The girls:

The guys:

The details:

The ceremony:

Kathryn’s view:

This one too:

Ashley and Ben had an awesome candle lighting portion of their ceremony, where the Maid of Honor and Best Man helped everyone in the audience light their own candles.  It represented how each of us is to let our light shine for others to see, so the light can spread to those around us.

Kathryn caught them at the back:

And I got the close up action:

Mr. & Mrs!

Off to the reception! K-State Alumni Center grand ballroom, here we come!

Ben’s ring has three words engraved around the outside of it. Clearly, it needs three different images of it.

After the first dance, Kathryn and I stole Ashley and Ben away for a few portraits on the incredible Grand Staircase outside the ballroom. Kathryn got a great one from up top:

We didn’t do too bad down at the bottom, either.

We didn’t keep them out too long, though. Didn’t want them to miss out on too much of the fun out on the dance floor!

Ashley and Ben, thank you so much for allowing me to witness not only the beginning of 2011 with you guys, but also the beginning of your lives together.


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    • rik

      Thanks, Liz! We did what we could, despite the sub-freezing temps and breezy conditions 😉


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