lynette + liam | married! – manhattan, ks wedding photographer

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a wedding I was not planning on being at. Lynette, one of my wife’s good friends, moved to England a few years ago with her children. While she was there, she met Liam, and they fell in love. They came back to Kansas to get married near Lynette’s family.

When I found out she was coming back, I told her I wanted to do some portraits of her and Liam, and the best time we could find was right after the ceremony. Since the ceremony was scheduled at 5, we arranged for me to arrive at 5:30.

I got there early and checked out the grounds of the courthouse, then went to find Lynette and Liam. When I got inside, I discovered that they hadn’t actually been married yet because the judge had some concerns. You see, Liam is deaf, so the judge wanted to make sure that adequate interpretation was available and get everything set. In the end, it was decided that Lynette would interpret for him, and that’s about the time I arrived. So, I was able to come in and capture the ceremony as well.

It was a very intimate ceremony, with just Lynette and Liam, his best friend and best man who flew in with them for the ceremony, and Lynette’s family.

Lynette’s daughters and sister served as her bridesmaids.

I absolutely adore this image. I didn’t even notice when I was there that as Lynette was hugging her oldest daughter, she was signing “I love you” to her. So sweet.

After the ceremony, we went outside to get a quick portrait of the wedding party before sending everyone else on to the reception. The light was coming through the trees so nicely, we had to stop and get a couple of the happy couple as well.

Once we sent everyone on, Lynette, Liam and I made our way around the courthouse, finding some fun locations to make portraits in. It was a very interesting experience working with Liam–it was so easy to see his love for Lynette, even though I couldn’t understand a word he said. We had a great time from the get go.

We managed to grab the very last few rays of sun streaming through the trees and made very good use of them.

There’s much more inside, after the jump.

How beautiful are these two people?

I absolutely love this next series. I loved seeing how they interacted together, and the light was to die for!

We moved around to the front of the courthouse next, and Lynette and Liam wanted to make sure they got at least one portrait of them with an American flag in it. There were flags hung on most of the light poles along the street, so that wasn’t too hard.

Lynette and Liam, congratulations on your wedding! I’m so thrilled I was able to be there with you and to capture the first moments of your new life together. Thank you for allowing me to witness something so special. The only thing that would make this even better is having you guys move back to Kansas, close to us again. We miss you! =]


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