fireworks 2012 – wamego, ks, fireworks show

Ever since I encountered the focus shift technique a few years back, I have been in love with shooting fireworks. It might be because they don’t happen all that often and they don’t last that long, so I almost feel like I’m hunting some rare beast that only emerges from hiding once or twice a year for 15 to 30 minutes, and if I’m not on my game, I will have to wait a whole year before I can try again.

This year, I spent the holiday alone (short version: my family moved to CA ahead of me, while I stayed behind to finish up the weddings I had booked), so I went to Wamego’s carnival for a bit before the fireworks just to pass the time, then went and got settled in and ready for the show to start.

Yes, I brought two cameras. I had a specific kind of image in mind that I wanted to make that required a wide angle, but I also love using the focus shift, and there would be no easy way to switch during the show, so I set up the one camera you see here on my big tripod, ready for focus shifting, while I set up the second one on a small GorillaPod that I have and set it on the ground with a wide angle lens on. The wide angle was for pictures like this:

The long lens was for pictures like this:

Many more from the evening after the jump. 

This one makes me feel like I’m deep underwater, looking up.

This picture and the next one were made at virtually the same time, which would have been impossible with just one camera.

The full set of images, along with a few images I shot at the carnival, street-style, can be seen over on my photography page on Facebook (you don’t have to have an account to look at the images). You can also purchase prints of any of my fireworks images by clicking on the Clients link at the top of the page and looking for the gallery with the fireworks in it.

Here’s a slideshow of the whole set. Enjoy! And if you made any fireworks pictures this year, leave me a link below! I’d love to see them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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