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Thank you, Kansas!

About 5 years ago, I convinced our daughter’s preschool mentor, a high school senior in a preschool education class, to let me make her senior portraits. It was the first time I attempted to create a portrait of someone who wasn’t directly related to me. That began my journey in this business, a journey that has allowed me to meet amazing people, go amazing places with them, and do amazing things. For those that don’t know, in the middle of July, I moved to California to join my wife and kids for the next stage of our lives: I’m returning to school to get my education doctorate degree (Ed.D.) in learning technologies from Pepperdine University. It’s an incredible program that I feel very blessed to be able to participate in, and I’m excited about the kinds of opportunities that are to come because of this.

To save my sanity, I will not be accepting any new clients until further notice. Working and going to school full-time, which are already secondary to my most important full-time jobs–husband and father–don’t leave me much time for a side business. So, until things get a little calmer around here, I will not be accepting any new clients. I have a few portrait sessions and a wedding left to photograph that I am looking forward to, and those that are waiting for their images will still receive them, but new client inquiries will be happily referred to others.

To all those that have trusted my vision and style to capture and create portraits for you to treasure, I thank you, sincerely. You have allowed me to nurture my creative side and have, quite literally, allowed my family to have food on our table and a roof over our heads. I owe you for that trust and will always be grateful for that. I hope someday to be able to repay it in some way, small or otherwise.

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve assembled one image from every session or wedding (as primary or secondary shooter) or home I have ever photographed as a professional (except one, because every single image was oriented vertically, and that just didn’t fit in the grid–sorry, Curtis). If you don’t see an image from your session, I am so sorry and blame my horrendous early organizational skills. They really were quite incredibly poor.

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an announcement and a contest!

So I’m going to be doing a show in a local gallery, and the gallery owner said I could display 15 images. Since I’m relatively unknown here in the area, it’s a great opportunity to showcase some of my personal work, but also to display the work I’ve done for some of my clients. I’ve tried and tried to select those 15 perfect images, and I’m just not getting there all by myself. I posted the images to my facebook page and petitioned help there and on twitter, and I’ve loved the response! So, I decided to open this up and make it even more fun.

I’m holding a contest! ***UPDATE*** the contest voting is closed!

I’m going to leave the voting open until Wednesday evening, March 4th, at 5 pm (Central time). At that time, I’ll count up the votes and choose my 15 images. The client whose gallery image receives the most votes will get to keep the gallery print when the display comes down! That’s right, baby: a free print! Depending on how big I print them, that could be worth something!

So, what can you do? Drum up the votes! Tell your friends, tell your co-workers, tell your family! Send them a link to the blog post and tell them to come vote! They can vote on up to 15 images to help me whittle them down.

Voting is easy: you can

  • leave a comment on facebook on the pictures you want to vote for (if you’re my facebook friend),
  • send me a facebook message (even those who aren’t my friend can do that, as long as you have an account) with the image numbers you’re voting for,
  • send me an email (rikandesphoto at gmail dot com) with the image numbers you’re voting for,
  • dm or @reply me on twitter ( with the image numbers you’re voting for,
  • leave a comment on this post right here with the image numbers you’re voting for,
  • click on the images below you want to vote for and leave a comment there,
  • find me and tell me the numbers in person–just make sure I write them down!

Here’s the link to my facebook album:

Or the link to this post:

Good luck, and stay tuned for a separate announcement regarding the show dates and location of the gallery!

The fine print: I withhold the right to make the final judgment over which images get into the gallery showing. The client image *in the gallery* with the most votes will get the print.


christmas portraits

My family are not usually the greatest models. My kids love to make silly faces or run away whenever they see the camera come out. They have very little patience for any direction, and lose interest in about 3.7 seconds. My wife usually flashes me a smile that lovingly indicates that she will tolerate my antics for just a very little while longer.

In short, my pictures of my family rarely turn out great. I think other photographers know what I mean.

All of that, however, changes when I get them into the studio.

Alan Honey, a wedding photographer in Manhattan that I second shoot for, recently let me use his studio to shoot some Christmas portraits of my family. Amazingly, the kids loved it. My wife, 6 months pregnant as she was, even enjoyed it.

I couldn’t share these until now because we gave a bunch of the prints as presents to grandma’s and grandpa’s this year, and we just didn’t want to spoil the surprise. But now, here they are.

We started with the kids in their Christmas outfits that Grandma sent.




Then we had a quick wardrobe and set change.



This is the one we used for our Christmas cards this year:


One more outfit swap and we even threw Mom into the mix as well, mostly because my mother-in-law threatened bodily harm if I didn’t I love my mother-in-law and think she should have lovely portraits of her daughter.



All told, we were in the studio for about an hour and a half without a single complaint from anyone! I’m super happy with these, too; they’ll be treasured images for me and our family for a long time.


tim + jodi

If you’ll remember from a couple posts ago, I recently convinced a friend, Jodi, that she really needed to get some maternity portraits done and she agreed. We set out to the Konza Prairie Reserve, stuffed chair in tow, to see what we could do (and boy, did we like what we did!). Since we were going to be out on the prairie, all dressed up nice, Jodi decided to make her husband, Tim, and their two adorable children dress up nicely as well so that, just in case, I could do a family picture or get a couple images of the kids as well.

So, while I was focusing on her and Tim, I did manage to grab a couple of the family as well. Little Miss M decided from the very beginning that she was going to play it cautious around the big guy with the camera, but I still managed to catch her looking once or twice:

Her big brother wasn’t so hard.

It’s so fun to see a couple’s relationship unfold in front of you during a photo session. You get to see how they really are together.

Oops! Wait…I meant this one:

Or this one:

The end of the day came and it was finally time to head home.

Tim, Jodi…you guys know I love you! And congratulations again on your brand new little baby girl! Can’t wait to meet her. =]

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jodi – a sneak peek

On Wednesday, I drove out to the Konza Prairie and met with Jodi and her family for a portrait session. I was particularly excited about this session because Jodi and her husband, Tim, are great friends of ours. Jodi is 36 weeks along in her third pregnancy and had never done maternity portraits before but figured this was as good a time as any. Since neither Jodi nor her husband, Tim, are from Kansas, they thought it would be fun to get some portraits made out on a real Kansas prairie, so we also took a few of the whole family while we were out there.

Normally, I don’t turn images around in two days, but seriously, I’m just so excited about these, I could hardly wait. You’ll still have to wait just a bit for the rest, but don’t worry…they’re coming.

And yes, before you ask, we did drag a stuffed armchair out into the middle of the prairie.

Working it like a freakin’ model!

And my absolute favorite from the night:

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